2005 U.N/Caracas/First Wireless City in South America

Case history detailing Wi-Fi deployment in a large municipal park (Parque Central) next to U.N. headquarters in Caracas and subsequent installation of free Internet access hotspots throughout the city. This solution was the first municipal strength “acid test” for our technologies when Venezuela purchased over half a million in wireless equipment from Wialan Technologies, 200 unit’s model WG-300-8-O were shipped to Venezuela.

Wialan Technologies was contacted by the PUND (Program united Nations for Development) along with the CNTI (Centro nacional de tecnologia e Informacion) to design a system that would take enable entire city blocks with Wi-Fi access,  Wialan Technologies stepped up with a proposal that addressed all their concerns and the deal was made.

Since then Venezuela has enjoyed the freedom of wireless internet for schools, information centers, their version of central park, the Airport and many more educational sites.