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About Us

Welcome to Wialan Technologies, where we bring innovation and connectivity together. We specialize in redesigning and retrofitting streetlight fixtures (Patent # US 10,935,198 B2) to allow cellular operators to accommodate micro wireless devices (Small Cells). This helps to offload the macro towers and provide better service to areas with high-density demands by multiplying their spectrum and deploying it in the small cells. We are also experts in designing, constructing, installing, and operating industrial-grade Wireless Access Points, all housed in our patented outdoor enclosure known as the “Hermetically Sealed Access Point for Wireless Networks” (Patent No. US 7,209,353 B2). Our cutting-edge solutions redefine the possibilities of wireless connectivity.

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At Wialan Technologies, we don’t just provide technology solutions; we partner with you to revolutionize cities and businesses through cutting-edge infrastructure. Choose us confidently, and we’ll help you achieve your goals with unmatched expertise and support.

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At Wialan Technologies, we are confident in providing you with the best wireless network solution. Our solution is reliable, scalable, and tailored to your business needs.
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