Wialan Technologies is a software and hardware integrator that manufactures industrial grade wireless equipment to enable city wide deployment of IP base services. The basic concept is to have a machine full of resources and features that can maintain more than 100 intranet end-users simultaneously, for applications of internet usage. The core engine makes use of its internal bandwidth shaper and HTTP accelerator to provide the internet user with an equal bandwidth opportunity to enhance the browsing experience like never before.

Wi-Gate Series Access Points - Where no Wi-Fi has gone before

The Wi-Gate series features 300 to 600 MW radios that have many times the effective power of the access points that the majority of businesses usually deploy. Our Wi-Gate line of Access Points includes a robust AMD GEODE 500 MHz CPU, 256 MB of RAM which is more CPU and memory than other competing products, 256 MB of solid state storage that contains a securely compressed image of 32 MB that produces the operating system that is Wialan software with all its features. The combination of the powerful CPU, RAM, and available storage space is then used to efficiently support over 100 simultaneous users with consistent, sustained throughput.
The DTS (Distributed Traffic Shaping) and advanced routing features provide QOS and excellent support for demanding applications such as video and audio. The Wi-Gate series also includes technology that assures successful handshakes for longer distances. For best efficiency our Spanning Tree Protocol ensures path redundancy while preventing undesirable loops. These features help to cover larger areas with less equipment, 5 to 8 times the coverage per Hot Spot. The Wi-Gate series APs have the power and resources to cover entire city blocks.

Security Far Beyond the Competition

The Wi-Gate series feature a rock solid 128 bit virtual private network (VPN) server for unsurpassed security, with NO extra software installation necessary by the clients using windows or MAC OSX. Clients accessing the system won't be able to access your network without permission. Additionally, it provides unique keys per client, changes encryption keys with each packet, and point-to-point tunneling. Unlike other access points, cracking tools will not be able to detect passwords by examining Wi-Fi packets. For more demanding situations other options are available such as TLS, IPSec and more.

The level of built-in security makes the Wi-Gate series a complete solution meaning no obsolescence and the best Return-On-Investment. Your investment is always secure with Wialan. The Wi-Gate series are field upgrade-able to other technologies as needed. As new protocols and technologies become standard, Wialan customers will have a cost-effective migration path to these new technologies without removing components within the enclosure box; the components are upgraded or modified within the long-lasting hermetically sealed enclosure. We build support for future standards into our design. Wialan helps customers to adapt quickly and without any major disruption by providing dependable upgradeable design and flexible solutions that incorporate unique technologies to achieve maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Delivering on Our Promise

WIALAN solutions are designed from inception to secure your mission critical wireless traffic, reduce complexity and drive down costs. The freedom of mobility, as delivered securely by WIALAN, gives you access to critical data from any wireless device with an added bonus: peace of mind.

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