Tony McDowell, is the chief executive officer of Wialan Technologies and is the Chairman of the Wialan Technologies’ Board of Directors. Tony, an inventor himself, leads a group of inventors, Engineers, and a highly motivated customer-focused service organization. He was most recently with T-Mobile as the Senior Director of Engineering and Operations for South Florida and the Caribbean. He was a recipient of T-Mobile’s Peak Award, which is T-Mobile’s highest performance award for his efforts with recovery in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the Island. Tony was appointed by the Governor of Puerto Rico to lead the restoration of all wired and wireless service providers.

As Wialan Technologies Chief Executive Officer Tony is responsible for developing the business, raising capital, financial reporting, and expanding its products and service offerings for WiFi e6, 4G, LTE, 5G, and beyond. He is focused on developing products and services that solve customer issues, are innovative, and are serviceable, while driving costs down for customers and increasing shareholder value.

Tony has a great reputation for creating an innovative culture that is built on trust and helping people reach their full potential. He has held numerous senior-level roles with companies in the telecommunication sector including Revol Wireless, Dimensional Telcom Management, SigmaOne, Aerial Communication, and GTE Mobilnet.

 Tony McDowell is a Veteran of the US Air Force and He takes pride in being the “Ultimate Technology Partner” with Wialan Technologies, Inc.







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